May 27th, 2014

Oil in the Arctic?

I just received the following email from Greenpeace. I've signed - will you?:

Statoil's drilling rig is heading to Bear Island - but we've intercepted it. A team
of 15 climbers just arrived at the rig. They've hung a banner and will stay on the
rig as long as possible to stop it drilling.

Norway paused the plans after our outcry, but it's going to take more of us joining
in to protect Bear Island for good!

It's not easy hanging out on a freezing oil rig in the Arctic! Can you build the
pressure on Norway AND keep the spirits of the team warm by asking more people to
sign the petition right now?

Forward this email and ask your friends to sign the petition here:

Bear Island is a nature reserve. It's home to snow-white Arctic foxes, a million
breeding sea birds and the occasional hunting polar bear. If a Statoil rig leaked,
oil could engulf Bear Island in seven days and be nearly impossible to clean up.

Norway's environment minister Tine Sundtoft had suspended Statoil's licence to drill
while the dangers were reviewed. But yesterday, the suspension was lifted.

Our best chance now is a massive surge of international pressure on Norway and its
environment minister to protect Bear Island, and live up to its reputation as an
environmentally-responsible nation.

Ask your friends to join us too - just forward this email and they can sign the

The team of 15 Greenpeace volunteers on the oil rig are holding on tight in the face
of freezing temperatures. And they're stopping the rig from going anywhere.

Let's send the number of people who're joining them online soaring and protect Bear
Island together